Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our Big Hole

The City of Parma is replacing the pipes so digging up peoples yards.  This week it's our turn and it seems we hit the jackpot.  Our hole is bigger than the others, taking up not only the tree lawn but also part of our sidewalk.  They dug the hole yesterday and got everyone else's hole refilled except for ours.  The city will replace the sidewalk and plant new grass once they are done, but it sure looks like a mess right now.  I think it's good though that they are replacing the pipes before they broke.

The pile of dirt from our hole.
The pretty new pipe.
They put up a plastic fence all around it.
Hopefully they'll get it all filled back in today. 

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Happy International Cat Day!

Rest Time

What's Spunky doing?
I like playing with string!

I know, I'm so pretty!

Hey Spunky, a bag to chew on over here!

What should we do next, Spunky?

If you do not have a cat, what are you waiting for?  they are great companions, easy to care for, fun to play with, amusing, and promote a peaceful atmosphere . . . usually.

I'm currently reading Love Saves the Day by Gwen Cooper which I found out about on YouTube from one of the book trailer Booktube challenges:

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

What Happened to My Grass, Dad? by Abby (Our Dog)

I love walking through the tall grass at Parma High School on my walks.  My mom even took a video of me doing it not too long ago, but here is a picture she pulled out of it to show you again.

You can hardly see me in this one, which is why I like it.  It's fun to hide in the tall grass.  Here is a close up of me that you can see me much better:

Then, when I came up the hill and looked down, anxious to tromp through my favorite tall grass spot, this is what I saw:

I was confused and sad and disappointed and shocked and upset all at the same time!  Where did my tall grass go????  Who took it away?????  No one consulted me.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What's On Your Bookshelves Besides Books?

This post is about things on my bookshelves that are not books inspired by the Goodreads group, Top 5 Wednesday.  I have way more than just 5 things on my bookshelves, but picked out the ones I thought were most interesting.  In addition to what is shown in this video, I also have stuffed animals, photos, old slides, old calendars, puzzles, a movie title set and extension cords.

So, what do you have on your bookshelves besides books?

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sleepy Rainy Day

Manny & Spunky on their cat tree & Abby on the floor with her dad.

Then Gerard showed me how he gets Manny to hiss at him. 
Sure enough, it worked.  What did Gerard do?  All he did was come near him, point at him with one finger and he gets this reaction.  Manny is a mama's boy and does not seem to like Gerard much.

But, on the other hand, Spunky Doodle actually let Gerard pick her up and hold her for a bit without squirming. 
Spunky doesn't look very happy about it, but she's not fussing to get down like when I hold her.  Do your cats like you holding them?

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