Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Computer Saga Continues

I was excited to finally get our new computer I ordered from Dell, after having to wait a day for me to authorize the purchase with my credit card company and then wait for Federal Express another day to deliver it to the local pickup place since I wasn’t home sign for it.  However, when I looked at the box, it saw windows 8.1—I ordered windows 7.  Thinking, maybe I could adjust to it or perhaps it really was windows 7 and just marked wrong on the box, I pulled it out and noticed the USB ports are on the back—none on the front!  I use these ports all the time when loading my pictures from my memory card.  What are they thinking?  My Dell at work has these USB ports on the front.
So I had already disconnected my old one and decided to hook it up again and use it for as long as I can since one of our Facebook friends informed me that my windows XP will still be fine as long as I use the Firefox browser instead of IE, which we’ve been doing anyway.  So, I reconnect everything and boom—the monitor says “no signal” and nothing else comes up.  I kept rechecking all my connections and it’s still not working.  I stayed up until 10 p.m. last night disconnecting it and reconnecting it several times (it worked just fine earlier before I left to bring home the new monitor).  I even tried going back to using our old surge protector battery instead of my new one.  I just don’t know what else to try.  Then I couldn’t get to sleep until 11:00 because I was so wound up about this.
I called to return the new computer and was told they would refund $100 for my inconvenience of the USB ports and getting Windows 8 instead of 7 if I would try it.  If I still want to return it (which I do), I have until May 3 to do so.  I am not satisfied with this.  I want my old one to work so that is the course of action I will pursue first.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Maybe I can get the new monitor work with it since I never liked my AOL monitor anyway, but I’m not getting my hopes up..  Somehow, I doubt if it will be compatible.
Spunky Doodle and Manny were the only ones happy with our new computer so far.  They got to play with a very long twisty that was wrapped around the computer cord.  I enjoyed watching them.  Cats are great stress relievers.  I even left one out for them after repacking the box.
I am so bummed, stressed out, frustrated and sad with this whole fiasco!  If it weren’t for my Lumosity subscription, I’d just go computer free for now.  Next step will be to contact the Geek Squad at Best Buy.  Times like this, I sure wish we had a computer geek in the family!
I am trying very hard not to let this fiasco steel my joy and this morning, I was encouraged when I watched a video I got from AWANA about a boy in Ecuador:
(Posted at the library during my lunch hour.)

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Loved the "Divergent" Movie!

This video is a review of Divergent by a girl who doesn't hold back her feelings. I think she really loved it!  I agree with everything she says about it.

We do not go to a lot of movies, but "Divergent" is one we were both looking forward to seeing and were not disappointed.  We both enjoyed the Divergent trilogy by Monica Roth so we sort of knew what was coming in the movie, which I believe helps.  We thought the movie did the book justice and the acting was incredible.

Reading about Dauntless jumping from the train, the way they entered their "home" and the ziplining was good but watching the movie really brought those scenes to life!  Tris, the main character, was played extremely well by Shailene Woodley.  When we left, all we could say was "Wow!"  That movie was so good!  

This is a YA movie but us seniors loved it and most of the comments I've read about it and the video reviews I've watched on You Tube agree.  A few criticized it because it didn't stick 100% to the book and left out some characters.  Having read the book so long ago, I really didn't even notice.  I didn't remember Tris being cut and then escaping and running for the train to join in the capture the flag challenge; was that in the book?  I really liked that challenge with the Ferris wheel scene and Tris coming through for her team.

If you haven't seen this movie and like adventure, we recommend it!  If you already saw this, what did you think of it.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Here's some things that brightened up my week:

I am thankful for Facebook and the many friends who I can easily go to when I need advice through that medium.  Thanks to Kathy over at The Junk Drawer, I ordered a Dell computer with windows 7 and thanks to Lin's advice (Hobbes' mom and Duck and Wheel with String) I bought a portable hard drive so I can easily back up my pictures and files.  (Sort of didn't have a choice when I decided to finally go ahead and get a new computer. 

We actually had a sunny warm day this week on Tuesday!  The temperature was close to 70 degrees finally!  Then back to 40s the next day.

I saw some plants popping out of the ground for the first time yesterday and the birds are chirping again.

Still enjoying playing the Lumosity games to keep my brain sharp.  It's fun to beat my old record highs because it proves I am making progress.

I love it when what I think is going to be a not-so-good class turns out to be very good after all when God comes through and gives me a new idea that gets the boys interested and involved.  This happened again last week when our lesson was on John 15 about abiding in Christ.  We worked together making a vine with branches and grapes out of construction paper.  They really liked doing it!

What little things brightened you week?

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Bummer--Time To Get a New Computer

Gerard is happy about this--he's been wanting a new one for probably three years now but the one we have works just fine.  It's an emachine with windows XP, the one I got for my dad back in July of 2006.  Yesterday I got a message that as of April 9, there will no longer be support for windows XP.  This means that not only will there be no technical support for it, but no automatic protection against viruses or updates.  I found some complicated instructions at for doing an upgrade to windows 7 but I do not want to bother with that since my computer is almost 8 years old.

I have lots of pictures that I will miss.  I backed up some on cds but to reload them all into a new computer would be a nightmare.  Some I tried putting on a SanDisk 4GB portable drive (I think that's what it's called).  This takes a long time to do this too since my pictures are organized into 17 different folders.  I could probably delete a few though but it's still lots of pictures because I even have some subfolders in them.  This is really stressing me out.

I have AVG virus and malware protection which works very well and I just renewed it!  Fortunately, there is a number I can call to let them remotely come in to my new computer and transfer it over but I have to delete it from my old one first.  Then, my Epson printer may not be compatible.  I tried checking  to see if it is compatible with windows 7 or 8 and I couldn't even find the picture of mine on there!  This is a big headache for me.  Times like this, I wish I were a computer geek, I feel so ignorant about the actual workings and set up stuff when it comes to computers.  I sure wish they gave me more notice.

I am not one bit excited about this but plan to start the hunt tonight, Best Buy here I come, guess.  Have you gone through this process of transferring to a new computer?   

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